Sports Betting Technology Provider Launches Second-Generation Mobile Platform

Newgioco Group, Inc. (“Newgioco” or the “Company”) (OTCQB: NWGI), a global sports betting and gaming technology company providing fully integrated software solutions to regulated online and land-based gaming and sports betting operators, today announced the launch of its flagship mobile web platform for international deployment.

“Our unique, high-performance second-generation mobile platform is designed from the ground up on our powerful and modular ELYS sports betting engine to win head-to-head against some of our largest peer competitors,” stated Chief Executive Officer, Michele (Mike) Ciavarella. “The feature-rich design of our mobile experience, which is central to the highly anticipated execution of our common sense U.S. sports betting strategy, has been a key development project coded by our exceptional software team under project manager Federico Reisenauer. The Company’s first-generation mobile distribution in Italy has seen an increase of 96.6% growth in handle from approximately $10.1 million (or 11.5% of handle) to $19.8 million (or 17.0% of handle) for the period of January 1, 2018 to June 20, 2018 compared to the same year-on-year period in 2019, respectively. Our impressive growth in mobile access was a result of the launch of the first-generation product in October 2017.”

The original announcement of Newgioco’s mobile plans ahead of the May 2018 repeal of PASPA can be read here:

“With key performance data obtained from the first generation, our team identified deficiencies in typical mobile betting applications, specifically navigation and turn-around time to find their favorite event,” stated Company CTO Luca Pasquini. “The modular design allows Newgioco mobile to quickly go-to-market with plug-and-play features for certain U.S. markets with remarkable speed and cost efficiency, while end users quickly get to the desired bet ticket with just few clicks. Significantly, the new modular architecture includes features inherent of the leading-edge Material Design framework allowing the flexibility of quickly creating new layouts for a variety of both enterprise brands and chain store locations, private brands and applications to other services such as loyalty rewards for restaurants and cruise lines, push marketing for customer acquisition and retention and importantly, the ability to offer both online and land-based betting distribution under a variety of gaming regulations.”

The reveal of the new mobile platform for markets can be found on any PC, tablet or mobile devise at in both English and Italian, with Spanish, German and Portuguese to follow shortly. Live wagers can only be taken where it is legally possible to do so. The Company expects to schedule the release of its U.S. demo app soon through its partnership in Montana


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