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A Heroic CS:GOTournament Is Coming, and You Can Be Part of It

Monday 8th July 2019

If you are still planning your July vacation, consider a trip to Poland. The city of Poznan will host a ruthless CS:GO championship, part of Good Game League 2019. Go through this quick-to-read article to learn more about the event and discover why it will be unusual.

How This Tournament Stands Out

Imagine a battle between Gods and Titans, just like ancient Greek mythology recounts.According to it, millennia ago, the father of Zeus–theimmoral Titan Cronus – hadto bedethroned. Zeus and his siblings– theother Gods– had to cross swords withtheir father in order to protect the Earth from his dictatorship.

This is just a myth. No one can confirm its authenticity. But we can confirm that the Counter-Strike:Global Offensive championship in Poland will be a titanic battle.

4 epic teams will face each other from Groups A and B. They will do whatever it takes to conquer their place at the top and the big reward of….

Let’s see the Titans from group A:

  • Hell Raisers is a Ukrainian eSports organization and a former CS 1.6 mix-team. Their risepassed through many tough moments, specifically when they remained sponsorless for around three months. Don’t you think that their thirst for revenge will escalate, and they’ll show us their unseen potential?
  • Gamer Legion–theseGerman boys are most recognized for their League of Legends team, but they don’t fear to smash some heads in CS style.
  • Tricked eSport– aDanish eSports organization focused only on CS:GO. Will their dedication help them win the trophy? We can only make predictions… and wagers.
  • Aristocracy– theirname is not coincidental. Aristocracy’s origins go back to 2002 in Poland. They were warming up with some CS 1.6, while Global Offensive was only an idea. Will those veteranstake the throne? We bet they won’t give up without a fight.

In group B, some purposeful and hungry for pride teams will face each other. G2, Winstrike,, and Epsilon– oneof them will clear their way to the throne. Which one will you bet on?

When and Where?

This epic event will take place in the charming city of Poznan on the 13th and 14thof July. People always leave this stunning place with good memories, maybe enchanted by the Renaissance-style buildings and the archaic but vivid spirit of the town.

If you can’t go there, don’t worry a tiny bit. will be streaming every minute of the championship. You can join in at any given moment and enjoy the best odds for CS:GO betting.


According to us, these finals will be brutal. Each one of these teams has a lot to demonstrate and a lot to fight for. All of them have shown high levels ofdedication, perseverance, and hunger for success.

But which one will triumph? Make your bets at and enjoy the stunning event from the comfort of your home. Stay tuned, it’s almost here.