Proven Ways Live Casino Increases Your Land-Based Casino Efficiency

 ‘’If you want to succeed, be where your players are’’. You may have heard the phrase thousands of times from expert marketers and not only. Well, this is unarguably true. But how on earth you will know where your players are? In a world where everyone-and-everything-goes-online, your potential players should now be in virtual space.

Gambling industry witnessed major changes in the last 30 years. Still, in the 1990s and early 2000s land-based casinos obviously dominated and controlled over the gambling sector. Then, the wind of digitization blew bringing changes in the way people used to gamble. Online casinos began to go viral and attract more and more players. Yet, this doesn’t mean that land-based casinos lack players today. A lot of players still prefer the golden oldie. And it holds the reins in the gambling industry, generating billions of dollars per year in revenue. 

The chart below displays the size of the Casino Gambling Market vs. the size of the Online Gambling Market (Source: As you can see, though online casinos move steadily forward, it is unable to outrun land-based casinos yet.



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