Casino Technology celebrates 20 years in business

Casino Technology celebrates 20 years in business in September. Determined to stay close to its customers and partners in every way, the company continues to create great gaming experiences through its commitment to excellence and innovation.

Mr. Milo Borissov, Founder, President and CEO of Casino Technology explained: “Spending years on building up trust and loyalty with customers, Casino Technology and its team has always been focused on developing customized solutions that deliver return on investment. With local offices and distributorship in more than 20 countries in Europe, Latin America, Africa and Asia, Casino Technology's team and expertise is 24/7 at customers` disposal”.

Casino Technology was founded back in 1999, obtaining the first gaming manufacturing license in Bulgaria, Europe. Nowadays, a dedicated team of hundreds of developers, engineers, mathematicians and designers provide next generation of gaming experience with innovative solutions, recognized in more than 50 jurisdictions. The company is headquartered in Sofia, Bulgaria, but Casino Technology develops and manufactures on 4 continents - Europe, Asia, North and Latin America.

“These 20 years for Casino Technology were marked with creativity and broadening business horizons. Today, we look ahead to our next steps, adopting new technology and evolving in-line with customer demands and the advances in technology. Number of factors played crucial role for our success, but one of the most important is the people working for the company, focusing on creating real and tangible solutions that deliver results”, Mr. Borissov added.

Casino Technology has always been amongst the pioneers in the industry, developing creative and innovative products and have been granted with utmost awards and insignia of honor for its products from many prestigious international gaming organizations. The recent one was acknowledging the success of the new series of slot machines EZ MODULO™, offered with the established SPEED KING™ multi game library. Expanding in the online sector, Casino Technology Interactive continues actively to penetrate the online gaming market through the LEOPARD™ online gaming platform and its innovative line of HTML5 games, Neon Games.

And the most important is the customer-centric philosophy that has always been the company`s guiding light.

Mrs Rossi McKee, Vice President of Casino Technology commented: “We focus on understanding our customer. Right now, we’re enabling faster global market penetration, further improving our products and customer experience. We have built a strong culture of feedback, focus, and impact that attracts not only our clients but bright talents to work for Casino Technology”.

The company continues to grow rapidly. “Our corporate culture and ability to stay on top of the new developments, allowed us staying tuned with the requirements of constantly changing environment and led us to a path of success“, Mr. Borissov, Founder, President and CEO of Casino Technology concluded.

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