LeoVegas on being an industry leader

LeoVegas, the brainchild of Gustaf Hagman and Robin Ramm-Ericson, saw its conception in 2011. Since then, the company has thrusted forward, establishing itself as an industry leader and trailblazing the way to the mobile future. So how has LeoVegas managed to consistently stay ahead of the game in the dynamic environment that is the iGaming industry? By ​reinventingitself; pushing the limits with technology to guarantee an exclusive gaming experience to all its players. The recent release of LeoVegas MEGAWAYS​™ and the Multiplay feature has been a testament to this.


When you’re present in a market that is highly regulated in terms of marketing activity, it becomes increasingly challenging to distinguish oneself from your pool of competitors. But no challenge is insurmountable. At LeoVegas, exclusive content has proven to be key to standing out from the crowd - attracting new players and keeping returning players coming back for more. It is for this reason that LeoVegas strives to offer more exclusives than anyone​ else in the industry! In the past, LeoVegas has relied on its long-established partnerships with big-time providers to bring exclusive content to its players but recently, they felt it was a natural next step for LeoVegas to start releasing branded content. Staying true to their GameTech nature, LeoVegas crunched the numbers to determine which approach would be most ideal. Seeing the popularity the MEGAWAYS​™ mechanic had managed to garner in 18 months, with several of LeoVegas’ top-performing games following the same mechanic, they were sold on the idea of developing LeoVegas MEGAWAYS​™​ on the spot! Following a fruitful collaboration with Blueprint Gaming on Spinal Tap​™​, in 2018, LeoVegas chose to partner up with them once again for the occasion. Armed with a vast knowledge of the user base and Blueprint Gamings’ exciting repertoire of MEGAWAYS​™ games, the combination ​felt ​unstoppable! After months of intensive beta-testing and optimization, LeoVegas became the first-ever casino to release an operator-branded MEGAWAYS​™​ game to the market. All the while following the standard MEGAWAYS​™ mechanic, LeoVegas MEGAWAYS​™ plays around with the bonus buy-in feature to offer a ​competitive edge​. Betting 20x the stake triggers the MEGAWAYS​™ Wheel to reveal a random number of spins and a minimum amount of MEGAWAYS​™ - the dream hit for players being to land 10 spins with 117,649 guaranteed ways-to-win.


LeoVegas warranted the status of a Tech Unicorn in late 2017, as a result of its efforts to revolutionise existing technologies and pave the way to the mobile future.
The creation of the ​Multiplay feature falls among the many chapters of this success story. Employing the Multiplay feature, mobile users can share their screens between two games, swapping between portrait and landscape mode to further augment their experience. For one, the portrait mode stacks both games on top of one another, with each title taking up half the screen apiece. On the other hand, the landscape mode employs the PiP technology to display the main game across the entire screen whilst the latter title is restored in an inset window. In the words of the CPTO at LeoVegas, Mattias Wedar: “​As per our commitment to always be mobile-first, I'm delighted to see months of hard work lead to the creation of our new Multiplay feature. Armed with PiP technology, we're sure such a technological advancement will revolutionise the experience of our players and enable new possibilities in mobile gaming. We continue to deliver our main cornerstone – to offer the greatest gaming experience. ​ ” The aforementioned PiP technology rose to fame in response to its adoption by YouTube, which allowed mobile users to watch their favourite videos all the while surfing the net. So what did LeoVegas do? What they always do! They took a technology everybody knew and loved and reinvented it to make it even better​! What’s more, they made the secondary window ​draggable​! As a result, players can move their peripheral title across the screen without the risk of compromising their main game or losing their progress.


With two of their latest creations now live in the market, LeoVegas is excited to see how the industry will evolve in response. In the meantime, they carry on with their daily grind to be the first with the latest!


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