TGB Charity and The Food Bank Singapore Join Hands to End Famine

BBIN, the leading iGaming software provider in Asia, established its subsidiary charity brand, The Gaming Beat Charity (“TGB Charity”), in 2018. Since then, the brand has been actively improving the state of major issues in the world, putting CSR into practice, and provide many kinds of aid to give back to society.

In the middle of this year, TGB Charity collaborated with Trees for the Future, an international environmental protection organization. Fun interactive games were set up on the official website to encourage the public to care more about environmental issues and place more importance on them.After the event ended, US$100,000 was donated to Trees for the Future so that one million trees could be planted around the world. Leading by example, BBIN encouraged the public to give more attention to nature.

For World Food Day on the 16th this month, TGB Charity has been working with The Food Bank Singapore. Through buying donation boxes and food bundles, TGB Charity is working toward changing the issues of uneven food distribution in the area. The brand is also exhibiting the company’s care for a diverse range of international issues. Food donation boxes will be placed at various places where crowd gather in Singapore, such as department stores and markets, toinvite people donate food. Food bundles will be delivereddirectly to local residents in need.

The Food Bank Singapore is a local non-profit organization in Singaporewith the mission of ending food insecurity in all forms which is affecting more than 20% of Singaporeans. It focuses on saving food that is about to be discarded, reducing food waste, and helping vulnerable families. This organization is also a member of The Global FoodBanking Network, whose members work together to stop famine and uneven food distribution. TGB Charityhopes to connect with more charity organizations in the future. Through fun and meaningful events, the brand hopes to elevate public awareness about the importance of welfare issues, and unite people to make contributions to the world.


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