Published: 11 January, 2023

IGaming SEO for 2023 Project Manager Dan Howard talks all things iGaming SEO, from its importance to its key aspects, with the role of Google also discussed

How important is iGaming SEO?
Having a solid SEO strategy is a very important part of the development of any online commercial project. It is even more important in the iGaming niche because the most valuable traffic here comes from search engines. This is because search engines are the primary way that people discover new websites and online businesses, and they are also the primary way that people navigate the internet to find the information, products and services they are looking for. Therefore, it is essential for iGaming businesses to have a strong SEO strategy in order to ensure that they are able to reach their target audience and attract potential customers.

How has iGaming SEO changed over the years?
It has changed a lot in the past 10 years. I remember many sites that used to rank by relying only on a huge quantity of backlinks, but with thin or mediocre content. However, over the years, search engines have become more sophisticated and have placed a greater emphasis on the quality of content and the overall user experience. As a result, it is no longer sufficient to simply have a large number of backlinks in order to rank well in search engine results. Instead, it is necessary to have high-quality, relevant, and valuable content that meets the needs of users and provides a good user experience.

What are the latest developments in this area?
The latest developments in the field of iGaming SEO include the use of topical depth optimisation for content creation, as well as the use of digital PR campaigns to increase brand awareness and target citations on Tier 1 media sites. Topical depth optimisation involves creating detailed and comprehensive content that covers a specific topic in depth, rather than simply providing a superficial overview. This can help to increase the relevance and authority of a website in the eyes of search engines, which can in turn lead to higher rankings. Digital PR campaigns involve using digital marketing techniques to promote a website or brand and generate buzz and interest among target audiences. These campaigns can be particularly effective for iGaming businesses that are trying to establish themselves as thought leaders or experts in their field.

What are the key aspects of iGaming SEO?
There are several key aspects of iGaming SEO that are essential for the development of a successful affiliate site in this niche. One of the most important aspects is having a well-organised website structure that is based on a hierarchical model, with separate sections for each topic. This can help to make it easier for search engines to understand the content of a website and to determine its relevance to specific search queries. Another important aspect is the regular publication of comprehensive articles, such as reviews and how-to guides, on the website. These articles should be well-written, informative and relevant to the iGaming niche in order to attract the attention of search engines and users alike. Finally, it is also important to focus on building high-quality backlinks from authoritative and relevant websites, including Tier 1 media sites, in order to increase the credibility and authority of a website in the eyes of search engines.

What role does Google play in this area?
Google plays a significant role in the field of iGaming SEO, as it is currently the dominant search engine and is used by the majority of internet users around the world. As such, it is important for iGaming businesses to understand how Google’s algorithms work and to optimise their websites and content in order to rank well in search results. However, Google also has the power to make controversial updates to its algorithms that can have a significant impact on the ranking of websites in search results. In recent years, there have been a number of controversial updates that have resulted in some websites losing significant traffic and visibility, while others have gained. As a result, it is important for iGaming businesses to stay up-to-date with Google’s updates and changes in guidelines.

What does the future look like for iGaming SEO?
The future is a search based on artificial intelligence. Many people will switch from searching for information via search engines to using services like OpenAI. As AI technology continues to improve and become more widely used, it is likely that search engines will increasingly rely on AI algorithms to understand and analyse content and to determine its relevance and value to users. This could lead to more personalised search results and a greater focus on user experience, as search engines strive to provide users with the most relevant and valuable information. In addition, it is possible that people will increasingly turn to AI-powered services for their information needs rather than using traditional search engines. This could have a major impact on the way that iGaming businesses approach SEO and the strategies they use to reach their target audience.