Published: 15 September, 2023

6,500 Reviews: Lessons learned

Slotsjudge Editor-in-Chief Aleksandra Andrishak highlights the lessonslearned from the affiliate's journey so far, and how it has needed to adapt

Being invited to the Slotsjudge project a few years ago, I couldn’t imagine that we’ll grow so rapidly and massively. For now, I am happy to be a part of this team and be involved in lots of processes, including communication with partners, generating new ideas and being the first to find out about new releases and trends.

Today, the main goal of our Slotsjudge project is to be 100% helpful to readers and different from other similar platforms. At the beginning of the industry development, I remember lots of other slot reviewers and the changes are significant since today, players are more demanding, while operators and providers can give more advanced things to customers.

For now, when the number of reviews from our experts exceeds 6,500, we can say with certainty we did good research before launching. Let’s discuss what I see as the main changes in the industry and further trends observed.

The Early Days

Well, I think that everyone remembers the early days of our industry when slot reviews were quite primitive, while players would be happy even due to the fact that a fruit-themed machine could be launched online. Of course, the industry we have today is much different and has grown a lot and even newcomers are very knowledgeable, meaning as a result, they are more demanding when it comes to reviews.

Regarding gambling products available in the early days, they also had quite simple mechanics, though well-known fruity vibes are, for sure, gambling legends. However, I from the past would be astonished by the massive range of iGaming studios and immersive studios we have today.

It’s also worth noting the importance of the regulation factor. Some areas were severely strict regarding gambling, while players were very careful due to the absence of understandable guides and weren’t well aware of safety tools which are necessary for a gambling site today. In other words, the industry evolved a lot and our team noticed it in each and every aspect.

Evolution of Slot Reviews

We are evolving, as well as the industry, so our slot reviews used to have different structures and focus. The rating technology also changed with the appearance of new features on the market. We understand that players become more demanding, so experts must cover their needs by providing more informative reviews.

In our opinion, game studios became very brave with innovations, so we can highlight Hold the Jackpot by Wazdan, xSplit by Nolimit City and The Luxpots by Lucksome as the most innovative features players prefer today. In addition, in most cases, even a small studio will offer at least one Megaways title or cascading mechanics our readers adore. Interestingly, player behaviour has also changed. In the early stages of our project, low-volatility slots and long gaming sessions were the most common trends – and today, according to our statistics, the focus shifted to high-volatility slots and short, more adrenaline-filled sessions. Perhaps new trends will replace this gambling model in the near future but, for now, players opt for fast-paced sessions.

Lessons Learned

Based what we have seen over the years, these are the most essential things that should be considered by those who wish to create slot reviews: - Considering feedback from players in shaping reviews and highlighting moments readers are most interested in
- Balancing commercial interests with objective critique to stay unbiased by offering each provider the same opportunities
- Staying up-to-date with legal matters is important, so keeping an eye on all regulatory changes is a must
- It goes beyond stating clearly that there are risks in gambling, so everyone needs to be aware of help companies like GambleAware and Gordon Moody offer

We’ve noticed that fair reviews and a long-term perspective allow reviewing platforms the chance to avoid common mistakes: such as not making things a one-day project, but a guide that is trustworthy and keeps growing in terms of credibility and the number of regular visitors. Additionally, we want to highlight extra tools that keep players engaged, like a bonus system for being active or additional rewards for commenting on reviews. This way, other readers see that being a part of the project is both beneficial and engaging. Of course, standard tools like refer-a-friend bonuses also work well since readers want to compete and share their experiences with others.

Looking Ahead

Considering the latest updates in the iGaming sector and many innovations offered by operators and game studios, we believe the market will keep on boosting. Of course, reviewing platforms will also adjust to these changes, so there is a lot of work to be done.
We expect the following changes shortly:
- More insane volatility games, especially for high rollers
- Social aspects, including the development of a responsible gambling environment
-Instant games like Crash let players keep involved to the maximum
- Interesting charity projects for the iGaming sector
- New forms of online gambling products and unusual mechanics

All these things speak for one main trend: gamblers keep on delving into this industry yet need innovative solutions to feel that it’s not the same entertainment they used to access years ago. We believe that bold themes, engaging mechanics, the presence of modern solutions, the perspective of combining VR with new products and other things of this kind will rule the industry shortly.

As for our Slotsjudge plans, we are going to speak at more conferences and participate in more initiatives like sponsoring different events. Thus, the main goal of reviewing platforms of this kind is to provide integrity in the developing gambling industry and player satisfaction.

We are sure that other professionals involved in this industry are not our competitors but a part of an evolving gambling industry that needs innovations and talented people. Thus, we will be happy to hear feedback from readers and experience new partnerships.