Published: 26 January, 2024

Amplifying affiliate potential

ReferOn’s B2B Affiliate Team Lead David Harris spoke to Trafficology about flexible reward systems, frictionless management solutions and the future possibilities of payment technology

In light of ReferOn celebrating its first birthday this year, Trafficology spoke to David Harris about important milestones, notable achievements and plans for the future. In this interview, ReferOn discusses the demand of meeting the growing needs of partners in the affiliate world, a particularly tangible pressure in the ever-changing online gambling industry. We discuss how the implementation of new technologies is essential to staying ahead of the game, with payment solutions and data-driven monitoring at the forefront of ReferOn’s priorities.
  Harris reinforces the importance of flexible reward systems and simple payment models such as Earn Per Click (EPC) in the optimisation of affiliate marketing operations, especially when providing a service to clients expanding into new markets with multiple clients and a complex range of needs. Reducing the complexity of operations is at the heart of how management solutions can assist the affiliate marketing industry.
  ReferOn also discusses its new goals to bring on more clients in its second year of operations, building on a successful first year. Harris touches base on future industry possibilities, such as incorporating technology to assist with risk-management and due diligence measures to optimise know your business (KYB) checks, which could be an important tool for affiliates. Read on to find out more about the upcoming technologies changing the affiliate marketing landscape.

You launched in February last year. How has the first year of ReferOn operations been?
Since the launch of the ReferOn project in February 2023, we have been growing and innovating. We continue to develop a technically advanced platform that has the potential to change the affiliate marketing industry. ReferOn provides a simple affiliate management solution with dynamic reports, simple and clear monitoring for fast data-driven decision making - and gets the professional attention it deserves. The platform allows you to set up a flexible reward system and optimise affiliate marketing operations in general. Simply put, ReferOn makes it much easier to launch and monitor affiliate programs. Our users have full control over affiliate traffic, receive prompt product updates and we connect new clients almost every month.

Reflecting on 2023, do you have any particular highlights?
During the year, we successfully attracted 10 clients and expect to attract more in the near future. Interest in ReferOn is a consequence of the effectiveness of the product and the attractiveness of our services. This is the best illustration of the right direction of our work towards revising industry standards towards efficiency, speed and scalability to new markets.

You recently implemented new features such as two-factor authentication (2FA) and mobile user enhancements. How do you ensure your user experience is better than your competitors?
We are committed to providing a superior user experience. 2FA is an enhanced security standard necessary for our users when improving the mobile functionality of applications. It is critical to the speed of making operational decisions and user convenience.

Can you tell us about any other latest developments?
The latest development is the implementation of the Earn Per Click (EPC) payment model, which is part of our plans to meet the growing needs of our partners, including those preparing to expand into new markets and regions and with multiple brands and plan complexities. Additionally, we are preparing interesting updates on payment solutions and more.

How does the innovation of payment technology impact ReferOn’s plans for enhancing its software?
Although we are looking at ways of enhancing our payment module within ReferOn this year, the changes in payment innovations such as gateways are not something we have looked into at great length currently. If there is a tool out there which is open to discuss affiliate know your business (KYB) practices and gateway discussions, I would be happy to have that chat.

Are there any forthcoming technical developments you are particularly excited about?
The immediate prospects are the launch of sub-affiliate and independent deal calculations (IDC), such as non-bundling, which will make it possible to introduce a number of important improvements in the field of payments.

How can reward structures revolutionise affiliate marketing?
Reward structures are the basis of motivating and incentivising partners to promote your products and services. With their help, you attract and retain the best affiliates to achieve your business goals. Naturally, we built into ReferOn the ability to create such structures as quickly and easily as possible. It is through the creation of a unique reward structure smoothly and easily that benefits are brought to all parties, creating the capability of global growth potential.

What are your biggest priorities and challenges looking to the year ahead?
This year, we plan to work on expanding the network of our partners, improving the functionality of our platform and assessing the need to introduce new technologies in accordance with the changing demands of our clients and the industry as a whole. As you mentioned earlier, the payments module needs a review but also more messaging and data oriented changes too will be coming. Naturally, we plan to demonstrate our expertise to a wide audience – as a leading affiliate platform – in the B2B market and grow our market share.