Published: 5 March, 2021

Thriving amid adversity

Campeón Gaming Partners CEO, Marinos Shiapanis, speaks to Trafficology about how the online gaming operator managed to come out on the other side of the coronavirus pandemic.

Life as we know it has changed drastically since the pandemic dominated on a daily basis a year ago. Every industry changed, and online gaming was no exception. However, a digital transformation experienced worldwide allowed those with a diverse offering to thrive. Marinos Shiapanis, the CEO of online gaming operator Campeón Gaming Partners, which possesses a substantial affiliate network, explains the reasons behind the company's most profitable year in 2020.

Riding the wave
It's already been a year since Covid-19 broke into the world and put everyone in terrifying lockdowns. We've experienced drastic changes to our lives, both personal and professional. We've witnessed many industries suffer from the strict measures applied in various countries, and learned to live in a new, profound reality.

The online gaming industry was one of the lucky ones, as it hasn't been impacted as much as others. However it too had to severely cut costs, employees had to learn to work remotely, offices were abandoned, and betting suffered a big hit, as sports tournaments were suspended for a long time.

But we managed to not only remain intact during such uncertain times, but to also grow and double our employees. As everyone else, we too had to adjust and learn to live and work in this new reality we adopted measures within the office to keep everyone safe, wore masks and sanitised the office regularly, mainly worked remotely, adjusted all our meetings to be online, and postponed all of our internal and external events indefinitely. Our top priority since day one was the safety of our people.

On the other hand, we wanted to keep the quality of our work high towards our customers and our partners. Although we were working remotely, we managed to keep delivering exceptional service. On top of that, we aimed at expanding our business and targeting new key markets while exploring new business territories.

Stronger than ever
However, what we're particularly proud of is that we doubled our team members during this pandemic 2020 started off with 23 employees and finished with 49. The dedication, hard work, and business integrity of our people gave us the chance to expand our business and grow our team.

A year ago, we didn't know how this pandemic situation would evolve. Today, we see it is much more seriously than everyone could have expected or predict. Our initial plan back then is the same as today: take it day by day and keep doing what we know best - gaming.