Published: 22 July, 2022

Slots Play Casinos Q&A: Search and engage

Laurie Renfield, Partner and Content Creator at Slots Play Casinos, discusses the affiliate's new-look site, engagement, innovation and providing as much information for players as possible.

Can you tell us about Slots Play Casinos, your USP and how long you've been around? (SPC) came together as a unique cooperation of three friends who knew each other from inside the gaming world. Whether it be online or brick-and-mortar casinos, we have over 50 years of cumulative experience in the online gaming world. We come to SPC as players, casino dealers, online game programmers, marketers and above all... gaming enthusiasts.

What makes us unique is that our focus is on our readers, our community.  

Developing an excellent working relationship directly with the casinos, we are able to bring you dozens and dozens of unique and exclusive offers developed only for our SPC readers. Our mission is to bring you all the info you need – about games, casinos, bonuses, game providers, platforms, banking, legalities, and MORE – so that you can make the best, most well-informed choice when signing up for online casino fun.

What was the thinking behind the new look and how are you hoping it will help with engagement?

The idea was to take a step back and listen to our readers. Sort of a reality check for ourselves – are we really accomplishing what we set out to do, which is provide our readers with the best info available so they can make level-headed, informed choices when it comes to choosing a casino, a bonus, a game, a payment method and so on?

So, we surveyed our readers and found out we’re pretty much on track. Everything we’re already doing, they want us to do more – more exclusive offers for our readers, for instance. And this is a section we’re adding to every day.

Some of the “new look” changes we are doing are to update the look and feel but also to improve navigation around the site. We’ve added a more extensive “search” bar to get you to where you want to go more easily.

To crank up the engagement even further, we’ve added a whole “How to” section with titles like: 

  • How to Win at an Online Casino
  • How to Win with Slots Play Casinos.
  • How to Win at Online Slots
  • How to Win by Having Fun
  • How to Win at Online Roulette
  • How to Win at Online Blackjack
  • AND MORE….

And don’t skip over our localised pages to further hone in on our best pages for YOU:


Bottom line, we’re tweaking the site every day to provide our readers with the best experience possible.

You bill yourselves as "the market's most customer-focused gaming comparison website." How do you back this claim up?

I think if you take a good look at the Slots Play Casinos site, you’ll see that we’re keeping true to our dream of being the “market’s most customer-focused gaming comparison website.”  

We bring in-depth, critical, up-to-date reviews of everything gaming:

  • Casinos - constantly adding new casino reviews.
  • Games - 2-6 new game reviews each month.
  • Bonuses – lots of new monthly, daily, new game bonuses constantly.
  • Software – we added three new game provider reviews just last month!
  • Payment methods - very important these days with cryptocurrencies becoming more and more prevalent.
  • And the list goes on.

Take just a quick look at our homepage and you’ll see dozens of exclusive bonus offers and another list of exclusive new player bonuses. These are truly exclusive – you will not find them anywhere else.

Even as this is being published, we are adding another 10 casino reviews to the site – to bring the biggest and the best to our readers.

How effective are free spin offers for customers?


Who doesn’t like getting something for free???  And that’s just what our free spins offers are – free fun that can lead to free winnings! Free Spin offers can be used in a variety of ways. If you’ve never tried a particular game, you can go for a free spins offer to get a taste of the gameplay. 

Now, most of our casinos allow players to try out a game for free for as long as they like, but (there’s always a “but”…) if you’re playing for free you cannot win real money.  But (!)…..if you’re playing on a free spins offer, you can win real money. So, without a doubt, free spins offers are the best deal around. 

Just look at our homepage – at our Bonus table. Filter for Free Spins and you’ll see seven full pages of Free Spins offers – 63 unique free spins offers. And that’s just today – don’t forget we’re adding new offers all the time.

So YES……free spins are very good for our players. That’s why we like publicising them so much.

Is there any room for innovation here or is it very much that simple yet effective offers work best?

There is a lot of room for innovation – always. The online world is developing and expanding every day. We cannot, and will not, remain static. 

  • Read around….VR and AI casino games are just around the corner – and we’ll be the first to offer them.
  • Cryptocurrency gameplay is here and expanding all the time – including special offers to players who deposit using cryptocurrency.
  • The list of available progressive games is always developing – it’s not just a slots thing anymore.
  • The high level of graphics and soundtracks on the games of today, could not have even been imagined a short time ago.
  • Mobile first! 80% of all online casino gameplay is on mobile devices today – phone and tablet – so that new games are being developed for mobile play and adapted for computer play – whereas it was the other way around just a few years ago.

So yes, the online casino industry thrives on innovation. And is right there at the forefront bringing every innovation to our readers, because they deserve the best – and we’re going to give it to them!

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