Internet Vikings launches new data centre in West Virginia

By Isabella Aslam

Internet Vikings, the global cloud hosting provider, has announced its new expansion route into the US market.  

The launch is the start of the company's aims to provide hosting services in all states where online gaming is legally permitted, with its first step instigating licence hosting to iGaming operators in West Virginia.

The services provided from its first data centre will range from customisable hosting solutions, these include: 24 cores, 4GB Ram, 500GB of storage and 50Mbit bandwidth per-month across 12 more states.

This will commence with Michigan and Pennsylvania, leading onto New Jersey, Arizona, Louisiana, Iowa, Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee, Illinois, Colorado and Virginia. The strategy is to set up operations in every state that intends to regulate online gaming.

Founder and CCO of Internet Vikings, Rickard Vikström, said: “We are excited to start our journey into the US. It’s a huge challenge and a wonderful opportunity for us. With this expansion we want to cement our position as a leading iGaming hosting provider on a global scale.” 

Elena Kvakova, Head of US Expansion at Internet Vikings, also commented: “Hosting has always been our strong suit and our main product. As we were learning the ins and outs of the gambling hosting regulations and market in the USA, we noticed a few things that could be done better.

“And to us, a Swedish company, an agile approach and customer focus are at the forefront of everything we do. That is what we are trying to do in the key states right now – set up secure, reliable, cost-effective and fully formed hosting solutions, so that the new providers that are entering the US market will be able to focus on other things.”


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