Paf outlines remote working guidelines

By Isabella Aslam

Åland Islands-based gaming company Paf has implemented its revised guidelines on its employees' working situations.

The new rules indicate that employees have the option to continue working remotely and even have the opportunity to work abroad for up to three months each year. The one requirement for remote work is that an employee is able to perform well working from a distance.

Paf has chosen to develop its sustainability areas, and a sustainable workplace is one of them. An investment to this is introducing the various alternatives of working remotely.

Paf’s CEO, Christer Fahlstedt, commented on the new arrangement: “Working remotely is a part of the future and something we want to offer our employees going forward. The important thing is not where an employee sits, but rather that the job is done well – and for that to happen it is important that you enjoy where you do your work.”

All employees who are able to work remotely have the option to decide how and where they choose to work. Under the new guidelines, the employee has free reign over the decision to work either full time in the office, opt for a hybrid set up with part-time remote, or in some cases work 100% remotely. 

Daniela Johansson, Deputy CEO & Chief Responsibility Officer, said: “The balance between work, leisure and family time is incredibly important to each employee. We believe these new guidelines will provide our employees a better opportunity to find the right balance in their everyday life.”

“We have many employees among our staff from other countries who now have the opportunity to work part of the time from their home country. We might also have some employees who would like to try out working from another country.

“We are convinced that this possibility will be an attractive feature for Paf as an employer in the future, especially in the increasingly global labour market.”


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