KSA cautions operators over incorrect self-exclusion data

By Gambling Insider

The Dutch Gaming Authority (KSA) has asked operators to check all customer registrations made to its exclusion register CRUKS between 2 and 20 October.

According to the KSA, it has received reports that players can still access games, even after being enrolled in its self-exclusion system.

It stated that this can only occur if an operator has incorrectly entered a player’s details. The Dutch regulator called on any operator who may have wrongly filled in a customer’s name or date of birth to check that they had not done so.

Moreover, operators were urged to ensure a player’s citizen service number or BSN, if they have one, has been entered, and, if so, correctly.

“When registering players, errors may have been made between 2 and 20 October when filling in the BSN, name and/or date of birth. Think, for example, of (manually) entering the surname incorrectly, omitting special (punctuation) characters or registering without a BSN (while the player does have one),” remarked the KSA in a statement.

“If this is the case, CRUKS will be consulted by the provider with incorrect data and the player will still have access to the game of chance. The KSA cannot recover that because it is data in the provider’s system. The KSA therefore calls on providers to check the data.

“If you have registered without a BSN (while the player does have one), or if the correct data has not been entered, the existing CRUKS code must be deleted.”

The KSA also stated that inaccurate registration is no longer possible. Operators will now receive an error message if a BSN, name or date of birth is entered incorrectly as all information will be verified via the country’s Citizen Service Number Management Facility.


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