Malaysia arrests 112 over online gambling

By Edward Obeng
Authorities in Malaysia have arrested 112 people allegedly involved in illegal online gambling activities in the area of Seri Alam.

The series of raids took place between 1 Dec and 12 Dec.

The operation saw a number of items seized including 509 ringgit, 246 laptops and four smart tablets, which were apparently used to carry out the activities.

Seri Alam police assistant commander Abdul Samad Sellah said: "The workers and gamblers detained, aged between 19 years and 63 years old, are being investigated under Section 4B(a) of the Common Gambling Act 1953."

The Act criminalises operating a gaming house and being present inside one, as well as the use of any gaming machines.

Malaysia's determination to stop online gambling has been evident, as this month they formed an elite group called the Special Task Force for Anti-vice, Gaming and Gangsterism.

There are a number of Acts that prohibit gambling in the country, with the Betting Act 1953 the most well known.

It includes a penalty of up to 200,000 ringgits and five years in jail for anyone caught operating a betting house.

Malaysia is for the most part a Muslim country, with 60% of its population Islamic.

The country has Sharia courts in place, with all forms of gambling considered illegal by Sharia law.

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