Altenar: 50% of Americans have placed at least one sports bet

By Louis Thompsett

A recorded 50% of Americans have placed at least one bet on a sports event in their life, according to data from sportsbook supplier Altenar. 

Altenar notes the figures posted by “stand to reason, as the [US] is filled with generations of sports lovers. Sports betting would [therefore] hold weight" in a sports-loving country.

Altenar said: “The world of sports betting is always striving for greatness, for better content, new technologies and increasing user experience.” 

Therefore, sports betting offers a space in which suppliers can provide so-called "tier-one" content for operators, says Altenar.

Operator revenue figures back up Altenar’s keenness for America’s sportsbook vertical; online sports betting wagers have exceeded $100bn since 2018. 

Nevada and New Jersey saw revenues of $20bn and $24bn respectively in this period. In fact, the lowest revenue was from Pennsylvania, which still posted revenue of $11bn from all online sources.  

Altenar does, however, take stock of the fact the US’ online sports vertical is witnessing a period of considerable growth; a product only able to sustain its perpetual momentum through “persistent creation and adoption.”

Altenar featured in Gambling Insider's Sports Betting Focus magazine earlier this year, presenting both a company profile and an exclusive set of data for the magazine.

The data focused on Latin America, which is more of a speciality for the supplier currently in terms of the regions in which it operates.


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