Dutch self-exclusion service once again operational after resolving fault

The Netherlands’ self-exclusion service is back online after a technical glitch prevented Dutch gamblers from registering.

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‘Centraal Register Uitsluiting Kansspelen,’ or CRUKS for short, is an online service that under normal circumstances permits Dutch citizens to take a break from gambling.

Licensed operators are required to check whether a player is registered before allowing them to gamble, though in past months, there have been claims some licensees have foregone this obligation.

Regardless, no one was able to register earlier this week due to a technical mishap. Gamblers were also unable to consult their registration or make any changes. But after a brief, unscheduled hiatus, CRUKS is back online.

The Netherlands’ gambling regulator, Kansspelautoriteit (KSA), has confirmed that players can once again register, and attributed the error to DigiD: a digital identification system used by Dutch citizens.

“Due to a malfunction with DigiD it was temporarily not possible to register in CRUKS, to consult your registration or to change your registration,” the KSA stated.

However, operators were able to check players’ registration status. The KSA added: “Gaming providers were able to carry out CRUKS checks. The fault has now been resolved. Registering in CRUKS is possible again.”

In early August, the KSA reported that over 20,000 Dutch gamblers had registered since CRUKS launched in October 2021.

By registering, a player can no longer gamble, either online or at casinos and arcades, for at least six months and up to 99 years. Dutch citizens can register via DigiD or a paper form.

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