Pennsylvania House of Representatives passes reformed regulation of online gambling bill

By Nicole Abbott
In an attempt to resolve all of the state’s budgeting and gaming issues, the Pennsylvania House of Representatives has recently reformed and passed the Regulation of Online Gambling Bill.

The new comprehensive gaming reform bill will not only legalise online gambling and daily fantasy sports, but also make the Senate’s local tax share fix permanent.

The tax fix included in the bill will use online gambling as an aid to fill the $140m hole in annual revenue that local communities received from the local share tax, which has now been invalidated by the court.

The reformed bill has been passed to the Senate, who are unlikely to consider the bill until the next scheduled session day on November 16. If the Senate do not vote on the bill, then the issue could permeate into 2017. If this is the case, the entire process will have to start from the very beginning.


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