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NEWS 27 February 2017
Company Focus: ICE 2017 interview with Ian Bradley, Chief Product Officer at SBTech
By Caroline Watson

Gambling Insider sits down with Ian Bradley, Chief Product Officer at SBTech during ICE 2017 to discuss his role at the company as well as its plans to keep ahead of the game in an increasingly saturated market.

Bradley talks about the recent launch of the company’s Chameleon360 platform taking it to the “next level” whilst also looking at the new products released at ICE this year.

SBTech continually seeks to push the omni-experience aiming to create a seamless flow across all its different channels, maximising its performance in every area whilst seeking to gain a enhanced understanding of its customers.

Bradley further discusses the importance of data driven analytics, enabling the company to further support its operators whilst also explaining the challenges faced when adapting to local markets with varying regulatory requirements.

Looking to the future, Bradley talks about the challenges SBTech will face in the coming months, whilst also discussing what 2017 holds for the sports betting solutions company.
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