Nevada Gaming Commission to discuss marijuana use in Las Vegas casinos

By Manuel Marti
The Nevada Gaming Commission will hold a meeting tomorrow to discuss the potential effects of the state’s legalisation of recreational marijuana.

According to the Commission, marijuana presents a number of problems for the gaming industry. Although Nevada has already legalised recreational marijuana, using and selling marijuana remains a breach of federal law. Thus, gaming firms do not want to be related to law violations.

Moreover, members of the Commission have raised their concerns that the federal government may take a stronger interest in Nevada's gaming industry if the state appears unconcerned about marijuana use.

As law remains unclear, the Nevada Gaming Commission hopes to address these uncertainties during Thursday’s convention.

Speaking to Las Vegas Sun, Nevada Gaming Control Board Chairman A.G. Burnett said that gaming companies and regulators agree that federal and state law must be observed.

“Right now, gaming licensees on the Strip are very proactive where it concerns people visibly using marijuana on premises.

“When someone is smoking, it is a little more obvious and will be dealt with more quickly than if someone is consuming an edible. Nonetheless, the concern of licensees is the same as ours. In terms of compliance to federal law, we’re on the same page”, Burnett concluded.


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