Exclusive Q & A: Asia Live Tech to introduce new technology in 2019

By Nathan Joyes

Asia Live Tech Marketing Manager Erwin Dickman spoke exclusively to Gambling Insider about its latest Baccarat Jackpot feature and the supplier's plans in the near future.

Asia Live Tech admits it’s previously faced challenges in growth retention, as you describe yourselves to be in a very competitive industry. How did you overcome this to get your name out there?

We didn’t want to be the same. Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses but we decided we did not want to go in the same direction. We want to create our own style and model so that’s where our live casino actually came into play.

We have a few different models for the live casino which is standard studio-based. We have the in-play in-casino concept, whereby the players gets their experience of playing from home but with a casino environment to give them the feel of being in a real life casino.

Over the years, we have incorporated new technologies into our platform. We started incorporating crypto-currencies – that’s when we actually became the first to launch Bitcoin and, as a result, be the first Bitcoin online gaming provider in Asia. 

Can you provide more of an insight into your Progressive Baccarat Jackpot?

The idea we had was something which was not done before on a live casino basis. Most of the operators would take online platforms or use a certain gaming provider. What happens is the Baccarat Jackpot available will actually be borne by the operator itself. It’s an added cost on the operator side.

We wanted to say a simple message to customers, which is: “come and play our jackpot, there’s something more that you can actually get from the whole situation.” Asia Live Tech covers the whole cost of the jackpot. The operator doesn’t lose the money because we pay for it.

What precedent is there for the supplier paying out a jackpot in its entirety? How can you cope with the cost?

We are not financially worried about this but we recognise this is a risk on our side; it is like any land-based casino. We cannot estimate who will win the jackpot. If they are many winners of our jackpot then, yes, we will be down but it will create a "buzz" towards our offerings. This is something with which we are willing to "dare" and we are ready for the risk on our side.

How can this product develop? Could this stretch to more casino products?

That is our exact objective. We have to start somewhere. We will see how the Baccarat Jackpot goes and check on the feedback before we start expanding. We have a jackpot feature which is already on our slots but so does everyone else. So this is not a unique aspect – but our Baccarat Jackpot is growing progressively compared to our other features. We will definitely look into expanding it across the other tables if it proves to be a success.

Are there any new features you are looking to introduce in 2019?

In 2019, we will definitely bring new features. There will be some new upgrading to our offers but you will have to keep an eye out for them for the time being.

What does the future hold for Asia Live Tech?

We have started to venture more on a global aspect, so we are trying to integrate a lot of new technology. What you will be able to see is Asia Live Tech evolving into an online gaming software provider which is equipped with the latest technologies.


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