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NEWS 11 January 2019

West Virginia proposes new bill to legalise online casino

By Nathan Joyes

West Virginia has filed a new bill in an attempt to legalise online casino and poker.

The state has previously attempted to legalise online gambling but failed to do so. Yet the the legalisation of sports wagering within West Virginia in 2018 may add fresh momentum to the campaign.

The state’s Lottery Commission will conduct the regulation of online casino gaming if the bill is passed.

Under the new bill, licenses can only be granted to existing West Virginia gambling facilities. The state would be allowed to process online casino applications 90 days after the legislation becomes law.

Each license would cost $50,000 and every licensee would have to pay a 14% tax on internet gaming revenue.

The bill also proposes to prohibit the use of poker bots, alongside any other form of collusion between online players.

The West Virginia bill states: "Authorised interactive gaming, once fully developed, will allow persons in this state to participate in interactive games; not only with other persons in this states, but with persons in other cooperating jurisdictions in the United States where interactive gaming has been authorised."

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