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NEWS 18 January 2019

Betconnect to offer punters professional gambling tips

By Nathan Joyes

Betconnect, a new betting site, has launched out of Beta to allow punters to follow tips from professional gamblers.

Players who sign up and download the app will receive personalised notifications when a professional gambler they follow places a bet. The punter can then either match the selection or lay it if they disagree.

The professionals' profit and loss statistics will be available publicly, so punters will know the quality of an individual's tips. These are called Bet Requests and every Bet Request is financially backed by the professional.

If the punter chooses to back the selection tipped by the professional and it wins, they will also win.

Mark Weaver, co-founder of Betconnect, said: "Business is booming for British bookmakers and we believe it’s time to tip things back in favour of punters. Betconnect is a place where regular punters can benefit from the expertise of pros who’ve been restricted by bookmakers."

Dan Schreiber, co-founder of Betconnect, said: "The central idea is about sharing expertise in a way that everyone benefits. Recreational punters are able to join Betconnect, browse our directory of pros and connect with the ones whose bets they are interested in following."

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