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NEWS 4 June 2019

Interwetten CEO exclusive: Bwin and Tipico should be looking at us, not the other way around

By Tim Poole

"I always wanted responsibility, to change things, instead of complaining about why CEOs or companies don’t do this or that."

It’s clear Interwetten CEO Dominik Beier wants to portray a go-getter attitude while speaking exclusively to Gambling Insider. As a 27-year-old CEO of a gambling operator, his actions speak even louder than his words.

Beier is ambitious, determined and unafraid. That, he says, is exactly what he wants Interwetten to be, too.

The company's new leader, appointed in April, tells Gambling Insider: "The biggest thing to achieve as a team is to get hungry again, not being happy with what we have achieved over the past 30 years.

"I think it’s a management issue that, over the past two or three years, the goals and vision have been missing.

"That’s the reason one of the first things I did was define new goals. Now, I feel like people are hungry and motivated again because they want to achieve those goals."

When assessing rivals such as Bwin and Tipico, Beier uses a motoring metaphor. His intentions are very much to lead from the front.

He explains: "Interwetten was like a car driving 60-70kph on cruise control; but they were never going faster or slower.

"The first thing I said was ‘guys, we have to get rid of that cruise control.’ We’re a privately owned company with our own technology.

"We have to be the one Bwin or Tipico look at for a cool new product. It should not be us looking at Bwin saying we should do this or that as well. I want to be driven by innovation and improvement, not driven by the market."

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