Secure Trading develops all-round payment solution for US online gambling industry

By Emma Rumney
Payment management firm Secure Trading has launched the first end-to-end compliant transaction platform for US online gambling operators.

ST-1 provides a single coherent payment solution that integrates into an operator’s existing platform and manages the entire transaction process – through player registration and deposits to withdrawals – in a way that is tailored to meet the demands of the US online gambling industry.

Kobus Paulsen, Secure Trading CEO, said: “We’ve brought together industry leading partners to develop one coherent solution, allowing us to deliver best-of-breed technology to make licensed operators compliant.

“This is the culmination of years of hard work. We’ve managed to create the ideal platform for gambling operators, allowing them to seamlessly operate in the new US gambling landscape.”

The firm said the new platform can navigate the US’ patchwork online gambling legislation, at both a state and federal level, ensuring this tricky terrain is no longer an issue for operators who can instead focus on their users.

Through thorough identification, location and responsible gambling checks, real-time player checking and verification, sophisticated anti-fraud measures and a full, transparent audit trail, ST-1 enables operators to satisfy all stakeholders – including state legislators and banks – and easily manoeuvre through the US’ legislative minefield.

As well as providing a solution for operators to achieve legislative compliance and “verify and process transactions in complete confidence”, ST-1 boasts a number “of value-add features” and a sophisticated value chain that removes the complexity of having to manage and integrate with multiple suppliers.

Paulsen continued: “The US online gaming sector is potentially lucrative, but many operators have been put off due to the difficulties surrounding compliance. We believe out solution can cause a step-change and enable operators to easily set up and succeed in what will soon be a burgeoning market.”


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