Safety measures outlined for Okada Manila following reopening

By Violeta Prockyte

Okada Manila is preparing to re-open and announced new health and safety regulations to combat COVID-19.

This campaign is called 3T: True Clean. True Safe. True Heart.

It’s meant to reassure guests the casino does all it can to ensure the wellbeing of visitors when they visit the casino once the government gives permission to re-open.

There will be temperature checks at designated entrances, and both staff and guests who display higher temperatures will be asked to comply with a more serious health check. Staff will also be extensively tested for the virus.

Distancing measures will be implemented and everyone is expected to keep a distance of no less than six feet, and game tables will have limited seating (up to three per table), with the layout of the floor altered to fit the new regulations.

Face masks will be mandatory in public areas as well, while staff might also be required to wear face-shields in certain cases. There will be constant sanitation and disinfection of the areas, and guests will be free to use touch-free hand sanitizers.

President Takashi Oya said the company is trying to adjust to the global situation and not disappoint guests, adding: “With 3T, we will do our best to keep the premises virus-free while providing five star experiences we have come to be known for.”


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