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Systems and Software
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ArenaCube is a gaming software development company that began its operation in 2013. Within its ranks are some of the industry’s most seasoned professionals who, with a combined experience of more than 3 decades, have come together to create the next disruption for the world of Betting and Gaming. Through ArenaCube’s diverse portfolio of innovative ideas, the aim is to re-shape the global betting and gaming industry.
The ArenaCube philosophy is entirely expressed through the Arena Challenge game. The first in a series of innovative live betting games designed to re-write the future of the industry. Retaining and enhancing the fundamental aspects of sports betting, we have created an entirely new way of betting: one that boosts the prospects of winnings for players, whilst offering the possibility of increased profits and reduced risk for operators.
Postal Address
ArenaCube Greece

8, Alimou Av.

Telephone: + 30 210-9816455
Website: Visit Website

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