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EnergyCasino Partners
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EnergyCasino Partners has revolutionised the affiliate industry with our revolutionary new system called 'Level Up.' Having earned an enviable reputation for delivering responsive, professional and rewarding service to affiliates over the past few years, EnergyCasino Partners recently upped the game with the introduction of a system that is more customizable than anything else on the market.
With ‘Level Up’ the affiliate is in control from the very start. We had been listening carefully to what our affiliates were saying since we launched, and one thing kept cropping up time and again. They wanted more control. The existing systems on the market offered one or two options, but nothing like a fully bespoke system. We recognised that there are as many different affiliates, with as many different approaches, and niches, as there are different types of slot game. We felt sure that much effort was being wasted, on the part of both the affiliates and ourselves, because of the inflexibility of existing systems.

‘Level Up’ has changed everything. Affiliates get to build their system from the ground up, by selecting from several different options at each stage. They can choose the types of bonuses that they think will best suit their target market. For example, at stage one they could choose a €5 No Deposit Free Bonus, followed by 100 Standard Free Spins at stage two, and then a 100% Reload Bonus at stage three. Each stage has four or more options, so the number of possible combinations is very large.

But the customization does not end with selecting the individual components of the system. We will also provide around 2,000 multi-lingual and multi-currency creatives, including banners and landing pages, for our partners to choose from. This all adds up to an unprecedented level of control for our partners. With other systems, it is not unusual to have five hundred or more affiliates all using the exact same program, whereas with ‘Level Up’ the number of duplicate offerings will be considerably lower.

The official launch of the Level Up system was at the Berlin Affiliate Conference in late October 2016, and it was extremely well-received. In the space of just a few days we had over 170 affiliates express interest in becoming new partners. We strongly believe that our new system, backed-up by the continually developing product offered in EnergyCasino and EnergyBet, and complemented by our extensive marketing campaigns, will give affiliates an unbeatable all-round system, and enable them to reach their full potential.
Postal Address
Cobalt House,
Level 2,
Notabile Road,
BKR 3000,
Norbert Varga, Head of Affiliates
Telephone: +356 9994 5112
Website: Visit Website

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