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Sports Software
Delasport is an independent international company set to deliver the most modern and cutting-edge software and turnkey solutions to gaming operators from all over the world. Among the company's customers are operators such as 18bet, 1bet, and Babibet. The software can be implemented by already existing gambling operators or utilized independently as a standalone product, and provides access to thousands of sporting events, spread across multiple sports.
In addition to its sportsbook platform, Delasport provides a full-service White Label solution, allowing customers to step in the big game prepared. Operators retain full control of the sportsbook and all processes, while Delasport can take care of trading, risk management, customer care, and other aspects of the project. If a customer would like to have full control of any of those aspects, this option is available as well. This partnership model has proven to be quite successful so far, as it offers operators an edge in the highly competitive world of online gambling, while keeping them in charge of their own business.

After years of experience in the sports betting industry, the founders of Delasport opened the company’s head office in Gibraltar in 2010. The company now has multiple branches spread across Europe and Asia and a team of over 150 people. Taking a leading role in the world of online gambling entertainment, Delasport offers a vast array of high-end products that enable launching and growing new operations in the sports betting industry, as well as expanding current platforms and propelling further development.
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