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Apollo Games
Systems and Software
APOLLO GAMES is a young vibrant software company active in all segments of the gambling industry, offering exciting and innovative value-added solutions for land-based casinos and gaming halls as well as for online casinos.
For this purpose, APOLLO GAMES offers wide portfolio of quality products. APOLLO GAMES is one of the biggest manufacturers of VLT and standalone systems of superior quality with all related services in the Czech Republic.

Games' cutting-edge graphics and plenty of bonus features are what make APOLLO GAMES stand out from the crowd and the main differentiator for players. Even as a newcomer to various markets, APOLLO GAMES turn players from established vendors to APOLLO GAMES.

APOLLO GAMES has been on the market since 2007. Since then it has developed into well-established medium-sized enterprise and nowadays sells its solutions to several countries around the world. The company delivers thousands of terminals and games to more than 20 countries in Europe, Africa, Asia and America. APOLLO GAMES emphasizes comprehensive services related to the delivery of terminals and pays close attention to post-sale maintenance to be available to customers at all times and to support them whenever it is necessary.


Carefully selected hardware components enable APOLLO GAMES graphic designers to develop breath-taking gaming environment. Thanks to its high-performance components, which are an inseparable part of the equipment of APOLLO GAMES, developers can allow their fantasy to run riot and take full advantage of the possibilities, which these hardware components offer. For example, all APOLLO GAMES slot machines are equipped with a high-performance PC set with dedicated graphic card capable of displaying advanced game animations in the FullHD mode on two/three monitors.


APOLLO GAMES system gains fans primarily due to the emphasis on entertainment, the well thought game logic and, most recently, by virtue of their highly detailed graphics. Each game must be an original, which is a challenge for the development team in the form of designing a new and independent theme and game logic. The resultant product then allows APOLLO GAMES rapid market penetration. This trend is clearly documented by our all-times classic games Blood, Mad Mechanic and Slot Birds as well as Gangster World. In a very short time after their arrival to the market, APOLLO GAMES reached number two position in gross win and is on the way to become number one at the end of this year. Among our newest titles you can find mythological slot game Pandora, gloomy Slot Ghosts, ancient Horus Eye or marine related slot game named Rich Fish.

APOLLO GAMES is constantly developing an expertise in the gaming industry to be able to push the boundaries of innovation and to create even more immersive and engaging gaming experience.
APOLLO Online Casino is the newest addition to APOLLO GAMESĀ“ portfolio of products and services. Apollo is keen to use its considerable experience from designing, developing and manufacturing VLT and standalone systems and transfer it into on-line gaming.

New online platform provides a comprehensive modular solution for operating the most popular types of on-line games, along with sports betting and live games. During the development, APOLLO put great emphasis on dynamically editable gaming environment with intuitive administrative interface.

APOLLO Online Casino offers connection to various types of game suppliers, and vice versa, Apollo games can be seamlessly integrated into any other casino platform. For this purpose, Apollo Games introduces also a selection of its best HTML5 games with stunning graphics and animations designed for the on-line environment, ready to be displayed on tablets as well as on smartphones.
Postal Address
V Parku 2294/2
148 00 Prague
Czech Republic
Telephone: +420 733 353 066
Website: Visit Website