Betway announces Olympic-themed CS:GO challenges

By Gambling Insider

Betway has teamed up with tournament organiser, Blast, to offer four Olympic-themed challenges to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (GS:GO) players.

This initiative follows the success of the Fall Games, where thousands of gamers watched and competed to try and beat the scores set out by esports professionals.

CS:GO players can download the Betway x Blast spring games from the Steam workshop.

Players will compete on maps that will test their ability, composure and movement, with four challenges in total.

The first challenge will test the agility of players, as they will have to take on hurdles to become the last player left standing.

The Surf challenge will test players' experience and ability to ride a wave, while the third  will make them compete on a glass floor.

Lastly, there will be a competitive tag, which will see players try to record the least amount of time tagged.

Once the four challenges have been completed, the scores will be tallied up and the highest scorer will win the Betway x Blast golden medal.

Adam Savinson, Esports Director at Betway, said: “The Betway Spring Games is the latest addition to the ever-growing portfolio of Counter-Strike maps produced by Betway. The maps are a unique way Betway can engage CS:GO fans and have become a staple within the community.

“The reception and popularity of the maps has been incredible! We’re proud to be able to continue to innovate in a game that has been around for over 22 years and have already started on planning the next one.”


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