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NEWS 14 July 2017
Massachusetts cuts problem gambling funding
By Robert Simmons
State authorities in Massachusetts have confirmed that funding for state-wide anti-problem gambling programs has been cut by over $250,000.

The move comes as the state is getting ready to open two new casinos, prompting fears that the state budget for anti-problem gambling initiatives, which is now a mere $1.25m will not be sufficient to make a difference to individuals in Massachusetts.

This is the second time in eight months that funding for these programs has been cut, following a $500,000 cut to funding in December 2016.

In an interview with The Sun Chronicle , Executive Director for the Council of Compulsive Gaming Marlene Warner said: “These cuts to problem gambling services couldn’t come at a worse time, particularly as online gambling is expanding, we anticipate new casinos opening in the coming year, and the Lottery had another record year.

“The council has tried to keep up with the times by offering help through texting and online chat rooms, but those efforts will have to be reduced. Attempts to reach special populations such as substance abusers and youths will also be curtailed.”

However with a $950m MGM International resort set to open in Springfield in 2019 and an equally large $2.1bn Wynn Casino resort set to open in Boston Harbour at the same time, it seems that officials from anti-problem gambling groups in Massachusetts will soon have their work cut out for them.
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