Penang eradicates 99% of illegal gambling activities

By Caroline Watson
State Police Chief Datuk Chuah Ghee Lye has announced that authorities have successfully eradicated 99% of illegal gambling activities in the Malaysian state of Penang.

The states police force has been targeting illegal online gambling activity for some time now, with a number of successful raids being carried out since March 2015.

Since January, the police have arrested 268 members of staff working at the illegal gambling outlets, 384 gamblers, and seized 448 simulators, 633 slot machines, 119 computers, 19 tablets and four mobile phones believed to be used for gambling.

“The police also detected a new gambling tactic which is done using tablets and carried out in remote areas such as the edge of the jungle to avoid being detected by authorities,” he told reporters after the Gambling Activity Monitoring Meeting with local authorities and operators of family entertainment centres.

Moreover, the police and local authorities have agreed to intensify joint operations to continue the successful amount of raids at entertainment outlets.

“There is no compromise for entertainment outlets running illegal gambling activities, even if there is one gambling machine found on their premises, we will recommend that the local authorities withdraw their operating licences,” he adds.

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