CoinPoint Q & A: Helping clients understand crypto

Oron Barber, General Manager of CoinPoint, speaks to Nathan Joyes about his vision for the crypto-currency marketing agency.


The company was founded in 2013. How far has it come in the last five years and where do you want to be in the next five?

CoinPoint started in 2013, but many of us have been in the gaming industry for eight to nine years now. We first started getting queries about crypto-currencies back then; on how to implement them, to develop them, what they actually are and how to work with them. We jumped on and built our expertise from then onwards.

We have focused on crypto-currency and blockchain solutions since the beginning of our business. We were lucky to start when we did because with every project we took, every new technology which came about, we were one of the first to come across it, so we can offer certain solutions to clients. Everything is always moving forward, but in terms of the future, we are always trying to be the first in line to serve our clients and we aim to continue to improve our expertise.

How has your knowledge in the industry grown over the years?

We knew how to build blockchain and we knew how to convert and change crypto-currency into flat currencies, but we didn’t particularly know our audience. We had to figure how we could find, convert and retain our audience with our clients. We built a process and although we did fail a few times, we were among the first to try and through trying we have had a lot of success too. Every time new technology came about, we found new ways to uphold it. To find the actual target audience for decentralised applications, we are working and operating inside decentralised networks. Decentralised networks were new to us, so we had to build up our expertise in this area.

Today, we know how to operate among them and how to build campaigns among these ecosystems.

How do you plan to become a global leader in crypto-currency and blockchain technology?

We are achieving this now. Every time we have a new challenge within this space, we have teams in Europe and Asia who research the application and solution to find out how exactly we can accommodate and work with a particular client. Most recently, we had a sports betting client come to us who wanted to start up and enter the crypto-currency market.  He basically came to us with a blank canvas. We had to train and educate his team about the integrated systems, including risk and fraud management, because it is vital that all staff members have a basic understanding of how crypto-currency works.

The next stage is external marketing, working with the client, their affiliate managers and keeping within their budget. We then look into crypto sources to find potential new players that already hold some kind of crypto-currency and then we educate them about the games.

What do you believe the advantages are to crypto-currency?

There are so many additional advantages with crypto-currency transaction that fits so well to the online gaming market that it was just a matter of time. Once the big operators integrated and the affiliates started to dive into this market, the snowball effect came into fruition.

Most of the operators now offer crypto-currency or those which aren’t are definitely looking into it, for sure. This was totally not the case just three to four years ago.

Can you discuss how you keep your clients safe with your cybersecurity?

There are very few companies that specialise in protecting blockchain technologies or protecting crypto transactions. In terms of cybersecurity, we adopted our approach in-house, working with two other companies that are able to help and offer solutions.Cybersecurity is a very complicated topic, because money is everywhere. We always try and give a complete solution to our clients and this topic is discussed the most to make sure they are 100% secure.

Can you explain more about your win-win model?

This is our business philosophy. Whatever is important to our client is also important to us. It is not only about providing some kind of marketing service; it is to make sure the client is moving forwards. With online gaming, it’s about the traffic, the players, the conversion, the retention and all of this is very important to the client.

We put our focus on what the client is facing. If the support team of a particular client is not ready to accommodate queries related to crypto-currencies, it will lose the player. We tell them external marketing is vital, but you also need to train and educate your team to be successful.

What do you believe makes CoinPoint stand out compared to your competitors?

We were the first company to jump into this challenge six years ago, when everything was unclear and not fully understood. We took on the challenge and decided to make our connections. That is why today we can provide a wide range of knowledge of solutions and services to our clients, because we were there from the very beginning. During this time, we also learned a lot. When we started with the first online gaming client, they didn’t know exactly what they needed to do and neither did we.

Today however, when we are asked about our services, we can tell our clients exactly what they need. We can tell them their challenges for the first six months as well as further down the line, therefore offering the right solutions. Experience over time has been our biggest advantage.

What does the future hold for CoinPoint?

Blockchain is developing so fast at this moment in time, but we are on top of everything which is happening. We are only into the sixth year of crypto-currency and these things take time to develop. It is solving problems and making our lives easier. Eventually, it will be part of our day-to-day lives.

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