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NEWS 21 February 2019

Gambling Commission requests operator help on credit card gambling

By Matthew Enderby

As it seeks to expand its understanding of the issue, the Gambling Commission will be requesting information from gambling operators and financial institutions on credit card gambling in Great Britain.

In late 2018, the Responsible Gambling Strategy Board (RGSB) advised the Commission on online gambling, including recommendations on gambling with credit cards; now, the regulator is collecting evidence on the trend.

In addition to data requests and engagement, the Commission is inviting stakeholders to provide information to help develop a comprehensive picture on gambling with credit cards, including the scale of their use and the risks associated.

The Commission has also requested that operators provide evidence of prevention measures which could help in prohibiting or restricting gambling with credit cards.

It mentions a full rollout of card-blocking activities for the consumer and imposing limits until operators have verified player information as potential options.

In the RGSB’s findings, it reported the risks involved with a variety of options available to players looking to gamble with credit.

It acknowledged operators are sometimes unaware players are using credit cards to gamble.

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