I'll be back: Kazuo Okada launches YouTube campaign in Universal Entertainment reinstatement bid

By Tim Poole

Former Universal Entertainment Chairman Kazuo Okada has launched a unique social media campaign in an attempt to get him reinstated at the company.

Last year, Okada was ousted from his role at Universal Entertainment after being accused of misappropriating $20m.

However, the executive – he and his family have a net worth of $2bn, according to Forbes – is determined to return to the firm, setting up a YouTube and Twitter account to aid his attempt.

In a recently uploaded video, he promised to gift a viewer HK$7m ($892,000) under certain conditions which are yet to be revealed. This was promised to be "part one" of a series.

The video was set to the theme music of the Terminator film franchise, with Okada declaring "I will be back."

Okada, though, will only honour the payout if he is reinstated at Universal Entertainment.


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