Canadian Finance Minister calls for single game sports betting

By Nathan Joyes

Ontario Finance Minister Vic Fedeli has asked for an amendment that would legalise single event sports wagering in Canada.

Fedeli wrote to federal Finance Minister Bill Morneau, requesting an amendment to the Criminal Code of Canada.   

It is currently illegal to bet on single sporting events in Canada.

The Trudeau Liberals could legalise single game sports betting this  spring, before the Canadian Federal Election in October.

Fedeli tweeted: “It is time to legalise single event sports wagering in Canada and we’re committed to working with the federal government to make it happen.”

Major leagues which were once opposed to single event sports wagering, such as the National Hockey League and Major League Soccer, are now in full support of legalisation.

Ontario Premier Doug Ford also tweeted in support of the amendment.

He said: “The @NHL, @NBA, @CFL and @MLS all agree – let’s regulate single game sports betting in a responsible manner to give consumers a legal alternative to illegal or offshore sportsbook and US based casinos.”




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