Sportradar denies pushing for integrity fees on major leagues’ behalf

By Matthew Enderby

After a Sports Handle article claimed Sportradar had pushed operators for a “royalty fee," the supplier has denied the allegations and labelled them as “completely inaccurate."

According to Sports Handle, Sportradar has discussed the new fee with Nevada sportsbooks at the request of the NBA.

Gambling Insider reached out to Sportradar for further comment. A spokesperson for Sportradar said: "The Sports Handle article is completely inaccurate."

The report suggests multiple operators who had purchased Sportradar’s official data feed Betradar were approached with the new terms ahead of the NBA play-offs.

Similarly, sportsbooks were said to have been told they will have to pay a "royalty fee" of 0.25% of wagers on MLB contests for access to the league's official data.

Gambling Insider has contacted MLB for further comment and asked Sportradar if it has spoken to the leagues about the issue.

In its report, Sports Handle quotes Robert Walker, Director of Sportsbook Operations for Nevada-based USBookmaking as saying: “What I’ve heard, and people are reluctant to go on record, is the leagues are demanding that, to get the official Betradar data feed, you now have to pay a quarter percent of handle.

"I’ve heard the leagues, which would be the NBA and MLB, want a fee for in-game wagering data, in addition to the existing fees."

Walker added that he believes the leagues are “strong arming” Betradar into having these conversations with operators.


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