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Softswiss' Alexander Kamenetskyi: "Crypto betting developing as rapidly as esports"

Sportsbook Product Owner Alexander Kamenetskyi speaks exclusively to Gambling Insider...

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Sportsbook Product Owner Alexander Kamenetskyi speaks exclusively to Gambling Insider...

Sportsbook by Softswiss was launched over two years ago. How has the tool has been developed throughout this period of time?

I’m delighted to say Sportsbook has been developed significantly for this period of time and we have earned the trust of our customers. More than 10 brands have been launched already and there are many more to come. One of the key lines for us is to work with different platforms, whether it’s casinos or poker platforms, fantasy sports etc. The flexibility of our solution allows us to connect successfully to any kind of platform. We know it’s important for our clients and that’s why we paid particular attention to this from the very beginning. 

The betting market is developing along with all other areas of gambling. And it is very important to keep up with all the changes. To meet the needs of the market, it is necessary to constantly look for new non-standard features that will help engage the player. This is what we do! We have not only launched all the main types of bonuses but also introduced new features to the betting market. We are constantly looking for new tools to make them our competitive advantage. 

At the same time, we focus on operator and player security. We created the risk management team when we launched Sportsbook and it was right. We understand how important it is for both players and operators to have trust in the tool they interact with every day. Therefore we’re working on our own instruments for RMT. Of course, all of this couldn't have become possible without our team.

What innovations in online sports betting do you think are most promising when it comes to engaging players?

Bearing in mind the specifications of the product, we always draw attention to the B2C chain and players as final customers of Sportsbook. We strive to make our tool convenient and engaging at the same time. Moreover, we keep abreast with all trends and tendencies of the market to add novelties first. Gamification is one of the key trends right now. We work on gamifying the betting process and taking it to the next level. Thereby, a set of exclusive features were presented by Softswiss Sportsbook recently. For instance, Hunting Bonus, Freebet booster, and the latest Lootbox bonus. We are pleased to be the first to introduce these features to the online betting market. 

Integration with Jackpot Aggregator will be another significant step for us. It's going to be a multi-platform solution that will give our partners an exclusive chance to launch and manage jackpots within both casino and sports betting brands. 

Being so immersed in developing something innovative, we can’t forget about the operator’s needs. We have finished connecting the CMS system to our back office which allows making Sportsbook more flexible and gives unlimited opportunities for product customisation. 

The FIFA World Cup will be held at the end of the year. How are you preparing for the event?

As sports amateurs, we are following all the significant sports events. This year's World Cup is unique because it is not taking place in the summer. Speaking about our preparations, I need to highlight that we are constantly developing and our task is to ensure our customers have as many useful and engaging tools as possible for such an event as the World Cup. By this time, our plan is to introduce new tools and even unique instruments that are going to broaden the player experience beyond standard sports.

Crypto betting is developing as rapidly as esports. We see that crypto players are ready to invest more than fiat ones. Accordingly, the share of crypto is constantly increasing

How many people do you project will be betting on the World Cup with cryptocurrency?

Crypto betting is developing as rapidly as esports. We see that crypto players are ready to invest more than fiat ones. Accordingly, the share of crypto is constantly increasing. In these conditions, our aim is to provide different categories of audiences with equal opportunities related to features and bonuses. Our bonus offers can be easily connected with crypto and be just as engaging for any player. 

How is crypto betting progressing generally? Do you find there are falls in volumes when overall cryptocurrency values fall?

I can’t imagine volumes of cryptocurrency falling because it’s an easier way to play in terms of restrictions. It only means that online betting solutions should build very effective security systems.

What's new for Softswiss' Sportsbook in the near future?

First of all, we see our client portfolio growing three times. We also will introduce new bonuses such as Hunting Tournaments and others which, by the way, will be available in the mobile app we’re working on right now. Moreover, we expect new data providers to join Sportsbook to cover more events all over the world.

At the same time, we haven't stopped working on new licences. So there is a lot of news from Sportsbook to come very soon.

Finally, who's going to win the World Cup!?

Personally, I'm rooting for Ukraine! In such competitions, the advantage of favourites over outsiders often becomes minimal.

Alexander Kamenetskyi had many years of experience in betting before he joined the Softswiss team. He has been the Sportsbook Product Owner since the first day the product was launched. Alexander is sure that gamification is the most significant trend for online betting. Alexander is from Ukraine; he had been living in Kyiv until February.

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