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Altenar: Sports betting success is in the details

The sports betting industry has made more than a chlorine-filled splash this year, and as a result of the pandemic, it’s evident that the growth of the industry has skyrocketed in popularity once again.

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Though, it appears from careful research and an in-depth knowledge of all things sports betting, that the industry has topped the charts for some time.

Recently, the sports betting industry returned to its long-awaited in-person glory, on a much grander scale than had been possible during the pandemic, and this revitalised the communities passion for what is currently the largest market-share holder ahead of casino (24%), poker (5%) and bingo (7%). 

With an astounding 49% market share, sports betting has become an investment for many looking to diversify, or simply add to their portfolios, where their business is able to thrive within a proven ‘evergreen market.’

Sports betting takes the world by storm

In a world where numbers are king, it makes sense that investors and operators are flocking to the sports betting industry, and it’s because they often feel that it’s a win-win situation, as there’s no arguing with numbers. 

This data demonstrates how operating countries around the world have harnessed a lucrative revenue stream, and one that has countless teams complying with law and regulations. 

In making sure that operators can influence ‘safer gaming’, sportsbook software providers aren’t only in the game of sports betting for numbers, they’re there for the people that create and support the industry that’s well-loved by many. 

Bettors are at the heart of everything providers and operators do, from being able to customise sports content to player specials, it’s all about making sure the gamer is happy. With stats and data like wthiss evident that countless need to be kept happy, satisfied and returning for more promoting customer loyalty. 

This is why operators look to providers for their manual-aspect backend, customisable front layer and access to several data providers that reduces the risk of site-surfing… all the while, offering operators a state-of-the-art risk management system. Success, for the sports betting industry, is in the details.

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