Tradologic CEO: Time to conquer the US and Asia

By Gareth Bracken
Tradologic’s new CEO, Michael Golod, lays out his vision for the company

What attracted you to the role at Tradologic, and what skills have you gained in your previous role at Playtech, and throughout your gaming career, that can help you succeed in your new role?
My past experience with Playtech, combining close working associations in the B2B gaming industry, makes this an appropriate move. I look forward to directing my past operational experience and hands-on management of close relationships with customers to contribute towards Tradologic’s strategic vision and goals. As past head of product and delivery at Playtech, I had the opportunity to understand both the development and production sides of the B2B gaming industry. Tradologic offers an excellent and comprehensive solution for binary options trading, and I am very excited to take on my new role as CEO of the company. I believe Tradologic is uniquely positioned to address business partners’ needs in this industry. I look forward to working with the team here at Tradologic and helping strengthen the company's leadership position in the market.

What is your vision for driving Tradologic forward?
I am excited about engaging my past operational experience in building on the vision and strategy for this company. The strategic direction the company wishes to adopt is going forward though intensive growth that brings the best results with the least amount of risk and effort. We have an impressive customer base and I look forward to working with the team on its continued growth. There are innovations and upgrades to the solution that I also look forward to directing closely for progressive roll-outs over the next few months.

What key opportunities are you looking to exploit?
I am planning to focus more resources and efforts on the internal corporate processes. The company can enhance its capabilities in corporate strategy, resetting its cost base and gaining a more intimate understanding of the customer-need state and the consequent implication for brand strategy. I would like to see a transition towards a more strategic customer-management system.

What challenges will you face in growing the business?
Helping our partners to increase their commercial growth and revenue, though I believe this is achievable with improving significantly the current line of offerings to include more innovative and trendy products. Commercial growth and ROI are important to our customers. But we need to work with them to help them realise the benefits of real- time reporting and analytics to meet those objectives. Improving operational efficiency and capital utilisation are important goals for our partners, and solutions like ours are helping them achieve that. I think listening to our partners and working directly to meet their needs is important in overcoming existing challenges.

Are there any markets you feel are really ripe for expansion in binary options trading?
There is no other answer here: Asia and the US are relatively untouched markets and our expansion towards both continents is to be our main priority in the forthcoming year. Tradologic already has a long list of concluded partnerships with Asian brokers that will continue to grow. Also, I would like to mention that we are finalising a strategic long-term relationship with Cantor Exchange. Having said that, the US exchange is to be available to new and already existing clients of Tradologic – giving the opportunity for expanding their global scope of operation towards a vast market place.

What should we expect from Tradologic under your leadership over the next year?
Tradologic has a great portfolio of business partners from both the financial and gaming industries that we will continue to grow. On the product side we are exploring some exciting directions in the area of mobile web and client relation management that we plan to announce over the coming months. And we will continue to work on product innovation to enhance the solution with additional tools and features such as tick charts, for instance. We are at an important juncture in our industry and I am incredibly excited about working with a great team here at Tradologic.

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