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ostandina Zafi rovska, Btobet COO, explains six important points for you to consider when choosing a Cloud computing system for your business

The popularity of traditional bulky servers has diminished significantly over the last few years as the benefits of Cloud servers have become far more apparent. Cloud computing has helped to make businesses more profitable and viable, whilst still simultaneously offering a high level of security. But how does this play out in i-gaming?

Until now, most people in the i-gaming and betting industries have been somewhat sceptical about using cloud servers as their preferred option for their business. However, that opinion seems to be shifting somewhat, with more companies realising the many benefits Cloud servers provide. So what are these factors that changing the industry’s views?

1. Confidentiality and data security

There is a common misconception that when i-gaming and betting companies choose a Cloud system, they are sacrificing their firm’s security. The opposite is true.

In addition to being cheaper to operate, Cloud servers offer a higher level of security compared to their physical counterparts. BtoBet’s own Cloud Solutions offer the added benefit of full control over the system, allowing users to make any necessary adjustments in real-time.

When choosing what Cloud server to use for your business, it is important to ensure that the provider possesses all the necessary ISO certifications to guarantee maximum data security.

2. Keeping data separate

When using a Cloud server, your business won’t have to worry that its data is going to get mixed up with another user’s. Each and every i-gaming operator is installed on its own independent frame, meaning that it is impossible for data to get mixed up.

3. Bulky in-house servers

Having an IT “structure” based on the Cloud means that your business can avoid the need to build and maintain expensive and bulky in-house computer infrastructures, offering a vast range of advantages which includes self-service provisioning, where end users can request additional resources for any kind of task, as and when they require. “Elasticity”, where companies can scale up as computing needs increase, and then scale down once again as demands decrease, and “Pay per-use” i.e. computing resources being measured at a granular level, which means that businesses are only required to pay for the resources they use, are two further options.

4. Maintenance

Understandably, operators are used to managing their operating systems through standard servers which take a considerable amount of space. This means that they will have to make certain provisions in order to ensure that any glitches and the consequential loss of data are avoided.

By opting to use Btobet Cloud services, your business won’t have to worry about its upkeep. Thanks to today’s technological advances, Cloud computing provides businesses from various industries with access to all their operations at the mere click of a button, which is one of the main reasons why so many companies are opting to choose Cloud computing over traditional solutions.

5. Growth and diversity

With cloud computing, the choices and possibilities of potential growth and diversity are endless. Technology has advanced significantly and will continue to change rapidly, which is why businesses need to start evolving their approach.

A few typical examples include operators adding sportsbooks as part of their offers, and land-based operators deciding to also operate online. With its scalability and flexibility, a Cloud operating system facilitates these choices with great efficiency. This way, companies can focus more on the important things such as getting to know their players and actually running their businesses.

6. Choosing the right partner

Most evolved platforms have to be supported specifically through the Cloud, guaranteeing an advanced level of scalability and flexibility for any type of i-gaming and betting operator. The Cloud platform is dynamic and ever-evolving, and since the system is online, it provides companies with the flexibility, control and security they require in today’s competitive online world.

As a professional software company we offer effective Cloud management systems to the i-gaming and betting industry assisting companies in many different areas, including the analysis of business requirements, development, application management and operations (including networking), server management and hosting.

Kostandina Zafirovska is BtoBet’s Chief Operating Officer. She has over 16 years of experience as a Computer science engineer. Prior to being COO at BtoBet, she spent six years at SEAVUS assisting high profile clients in various industries such as insurance and finance. She specialises in designing and developing IT software products aimed at improving customer experience and simplicity of use
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