Maximising mobile payments


impler deposits are a competitive advantage for new customer segments, says paysafecard CEO Udo Muller

Operators are facing a rapid growth of mobile deposits. Companies don’t expect to lose out on valuable income, and ultimately have an overwhelming desire to attract and retain new and existing customers, so the relevance of convenient deposit methods has never been stronger. Europe’s leading payment provider paysafecard is well prepared to meet this challenge, with in excess of 40% of all 97 million paysafecard transactions nowadays being made with mobile devices. This trend will only grow in the foreseeable future.

Mobile deposits are shaping the gambling industry. The trend will continue to be unstoppable. paysafecard is a dominant payment provider whose brand is globally recognised, offering a versatile solution to online businesses as well as gaming and gambling operators. The company’s main product “paysafecard” remains at the forefront of deposits in the online gambling sector, simplifying customer deposit processes for desktop, notebooks and mobile devices. Anyone can use paysafecard and make online deposits, without the need of a bank account or credit card.

The pre-paid product is available in more than 500,000 sales outlets across 43 countries worldwide. Each voucher is issued with a unique 16-digit paysafecard PIN. paysafecard works in a similar way to mobile prepaid cards. The vouchers are available in denominations of 10, 25, 50 and 100 Euros (or similar denominations in other currencies). Customers are able to deposit at thousands of partner websites by simply entering the unique 16-digit PIN. Alternatively, customers with a “my paysafecard” account have the ability to deposit using the balance from the account by simply entering their username and password, a quick and easy process. Any remaining credit is retained for future deposits, and multiple PINs can be combined for larger amounts.

With the new paysafecard app, customers are able to locate the nearest sales outlet which offers the prepaid vouchers, highlighted on a map. The app for Android and iOS was one of the first apps which offers augmented reality - “360° paysafecard”. Finding the nearest outlet to purchase a paysafecard voucher is therefore easier than ever before. The app also allows users to rate sales outlets, supports several languages, and features a news and promotions section.

Using a QR code, a paysafecard voucher is quickly transferred for mobile deposits. All of these features and functions combined make paysafecard one of the preferred deposit options when it comes to mobile payments.

Furthermore, paysafecard offers a zero chargeback risk as well as a near 100% market reach in core Europe. paysafecard is like cash, but safer. In order to benefit from paysafecard, operators only need to integrate a single API to open their business to new customer segments.

Simple deposit and simple payout options

With the rapidly growing flow of deposits transacting every year, operators require a simple process to payout player winnings. The payout feature of paysafecard is hugely popular as it suits the need of operators to comply with the return of funds, from the originating source. Today, more than 50 brands have integrated the paysafecard payout feature in their operations. The service is free of charge for the operator as well as for the customer. paysafecard payouts are also one of the most cost effective risk free payout methods for gambling operators.

Serving new customers globally

The digital business does not know any state borders. Gaming and gambling operators in particular have millions of customers globally. Responding to this, paysafecard continues its global expansion. The company recently launched its products in Georgia, The Middle East and New Zealand, counting 43 countries and half a million sales outlets in total. The continuous expansion reflects the needs of the industry and proves the strong commitment of paysafecard as partner for state-of-the-art payments.

Safety first

paysafecard has brought simplicity to online deposits and payments. However, the security of all deposits and payments always comes first. The principle of paysafecard is - and always has been - to enable everyone to pay and deposit online, without exclusion or risk, taking into consideration regulations in each country and industry to ensure that the payment solutions are in line with the local laws and restrictions. paysafecard is authorised and registered by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) as an Electronic Money Institution (EMI). The company is also working closely with the local authorities in each of the 43 countries in which the company is operating, inside and outside the European Union.

Udo Muller co-founded and launched paysafecard in 2000 and is the Chief Executive Officer of paysafecard since 2014. His focus as CEO is on the product development towards mobile, the internationalization of paysafecard, and the expansion of the company and its products and services in existing markets
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