21 March, 2022

Product Review: Zuum - Basketball Roulette

ZUUM Basketball Roulette is an attractive extension of the roulette game featured on the new Grand Crystal 2 machine. It adds a side bet to the roulette game which lowers the player’s RTP, brings additional players to the table and extends time on device. It especially attracts younger players to the classic game of roulette due to high dynamics and great visual appeal. The game is available as an extension for either single zero or double zero roulette game.

The players can participate in the side bet and win up to 500:1 in an exciting basketball match. When the match starts, the topper screen entertains the players at the machine with premium 3D animations showing the basketball arena with the crowd cheering and action occurring on the court. Powerful music with an excellent commentator is added to additionally build the excitement at the machine.

All this is presented on the new Grand Crystal 2 machine which features luxury design, premium sound system and unparalleled 4K graphics on the player stations and the topper screen. The King topper adds additional appeal with the exquisite lines and the LED ring making sure that the players can quickly spot the machine in the casino.

With more than 15 years of experience, ZUUM has developed several specific electronic table games to provide customers with numerous attractions for players. In addition to Roulette, it has in its portfolio other classic table games including Blackjack, Baccarat, Sic Bo, Craps and some Bingo variations. All machines are available in different configurations from standalone stations, round and oval compact tables to ZUUM Coliseum Theatre with custom number of stations and games connected. This ensures extreme flexibility putting ZUUM machines on the floor.

“Our vision is to offer our clients products which are competitive and exclusive both in quality and technology. Customers praise the reliability of our machines, and we are really proud of that,” says Mitja Kolman, President of ZUUM.