28 September, 2022

Product Review: Light & Wonder - MDX Shuffler

Light & Wonder’s MDX Shuffler, the winner for Casino Product of the Year at the Global Gaming Awards Asia, is a multi-deck electronic shuffler with the capacity to shuffle up to 10 decks of cards.

The MDX Shuffler is the first device on the market capable of sorting multiple decks of cards – with a one to 10 deck sorting capacity. This eliminates the risk of “edge shorting” cards, tackling the risk by randomly rotating the card feeder elevator 180 degrees throughout the shuffle. The process of “edge shorting” is a technique used by some gamblers to gain an advantage over the house, where a player attempts to determine whether a face-down playing card is likely to have a high or low number. The MDX Shuffler mitigates this risk by lengthening the time between card shoe changes.