18 October, 2022

In focus: Enteractive

Mikael Hansson founded Enteractive in 2008 to help iGaming operators reactivate churned players that proved unresponsive to standard CRM practices. The company has seen exponential growth in the market due to its innovative approach to reactivation: a unique platform dedicated to highly personalised one-to-one interaction directly with lapsed players. The team now consists of 130 talented individuals across two office locations in Malta and Romania, with an office in Miami set to launch in the fall.

Turning churn into return

In the US, large numbers of customers across a variety of sectors are left frustrated by businesses’ current approach to customer service, with menu bots and pre-recordings that make communicating with a brand much more difficult than it could be. Research supports these findings: when asked about their experience of contacting customer service departments, 90% of US respondents explained that they would prefer to speak with a real person rather than be in an automated queue, with 89% seeking to speak to someone in their own language.

Most CRM practices these days can be just  as impersonal. While digital CRM provides one-way player engagement, some player segments do not respond well to such a one-sided approach. 

Providing a human-led solution to this problem, Enteractive delivers results with reactivation services that reach out to  players on their own terms to make them  feel heard, valued and cared for. They offer  native-speaking agents for each market where a client operates, and they understand the unique cultural differences between players  in different localities.

This is how the firm turns this segment of seemingly lost traffic into a revitalised revenue stream. Its approach leads to not only undeniably impressive conversion rates  – an average 265% increase in ROI for clients – but also a healthy base of loyal, active players that form the foundation of a sturdy bottom line for operator clients.

ReActivation Cloud technology

Enteractive’s unique (Re)Activation Cloud software was developed by its in-house IT department to optimise the way clients connect and benefit from Enteractive’s services. The innovative custom-built platform can be integrated with an operator’s player databases seamlessly and securely via API; mixing the ease of a digital approach with the more personal, emotional connection of a human touch. Every step of the way, the (Re)Activation Cloud keeps the operator in the driving seat with a dashboard that ensures full transparency and control. With the ability to deploy to new markets in less than a day, it’s the only scalable tool to truly personalise  the player experience in a secure, GDPR -compliant manner.

The best thing about Enteractive’s service is that it’s pure revenue generation. The team works on a hybrid commercial model with new clients so there’s no financial outlay,  just better results and more LTVs from a  larger number of active players – making the system a win-win reactivation process.  It’s risk-free because you’re only paying for players that deposit.

Responsible Gambling at its core

All of the teams at Enteractive are accredited by G4 to deliver a responsible approach to gambling. And because they are making tens of thousands of calls each month to an operator’s customer base, they can also help identify players who might need aid with gambling-related problems, ensuring that the gaming and entertainment sector remains fair, fun and safe.

What the future looks like

In 2021, Enteractive was ranked in the top four revenue generators for the global online gambling industry. The tireless hard work of its teams resulted in just over 100% year-on-year increase from 2020 in player deposits for operator clients.

In 2022, the firm is expanding its services to new markets. With recent wagering legislation  in 20 states across the US, gambling brands are signing up thousands of new players during important sporting events like the Super Bowl and March Madness, but losing a large proportion of them due to a poor approach to loyalty and customer service standards. Enteractive’s truly personalised approach to CRM helps increase retention for these audience segments.

How to learn more

If you’re interested in generating more revenue from your iGaming brand by unlocking those lost segments of your player databases, have a chat with the team at Enteractive. Once you see how easy it is to increase your active players through its unique CRM approach, you’ll never look back.