5 May, 2023

In focus: Bombay Live

Introducing Bombay Live, a brand new Live Casino set to bring real-world grandeur to the online space.

Real luxury, real tables, real wins

With a heady mix of classic Live Dealer favourites and wonderfully esoteric Asian and Indian titles, Bombay Live is taking the tailor-made VIP gaming experience to tantalising new heights. Intuitive, secure and endlessly customisable, let’s look under the hood of one of the iGaming industry’s hottest new places to play.

Committed to Customisability

The first thing players and operators alike will note is Bombay Live’s unique tables are custom-built to the exact specifications of their customers’ needs. While there has long been the need for simple exclusive, branded tables, Bombay is set to change the game with advanced Green Screen technology tables and environments, for literal endless variation and animation that is responsive to gameplay. It’s a bid farewell to players interacting only with the betting box; this is functionality beyond comparison. Players will now be treated to a whole host of animated content in and around the table to make gameplay more immersive than ever before. Add to the mix immersive 4K quality streaming with impressively low latency, players won’t miss a single spectacular hand.

Not Stopping Globetrotting

Bombay Live is composed of industry leaders from across the globe who want to offer a Live Casino that is market focused and constantly innovating its products. With that in mind, Bombay Live has Studios around the globe, playable on all devices with an emphasis on mobile-first gameplay.

Already boasting first-class Live Studios in Estonia and Poland, Bombay Live is the only licensed Live Casino Studio in Argentina to offer round-the-clock services on a variety of casino favourites, ranging from Roulette and Blackjack to Baccarat and more. Emphasis firmly placed on delivering an inimitable user experience, Bombay Live ​​offers 24/7 support with games available in no fewer than 18 languages.

Players will now be treated to a whole host of animated content in and around the table to make gameplay more immersive than ever before

User Interface Reimagined

Continuing the trend of both player and mobile-first approaches, in the densely populated world of Live Casino, it’s often hard to clamour to the top; but once again, Bombay Live plants its flag firmly in this space with its attentiveness to creating a more intuitive UI.

Game controls feel more natural leading to a more seamless experience at the tables. Placing bets, re-betting and changing strategy quickly between game rounds have become effortless, leading to a much more pleasing casino experience. And when happy players remain seated, it only adds further credence to Bombay Live’s commitment to imitating land-based vibes.

Market Focused

Not content only with doing the basics well, Bombay Live is dedicated to delivering games and languages with particular emphasis on LatAm, India and East Asia. Indian players can expect regional favourites such as Teen Patti and Andar Bahar; meanwhile, Asian players can expect best-loved classics such as Baccarat and Dragon Tiger; the latter of which now comes with two unique side bets: Lucky Paws & Lucky Claws, where if either a Tiger or Dragon animation appears, a multiplier of up to x1,000 their bet is awarded to the player! Players can also bet on both sides of these lucky bets to increase their chance of winning.

And introducing Mystic5, whereby players predicting five consecutive game rounds correctly will win a multiplier of up to 888x their bet. Across the Pacific, South American players can enjoy dedicated Spanish and Portuguese language tables, cementing further Bombay Live’s modus operandi of tailoring its offering to players all over the globe.