12 May, 2023

Relum Q&A: Getting noticed in iGaming

Ashot Sahakyan, COO of casino engine and aggregator Relum, shares his thoughts on the job of a supplier when competing for a player’s attention.

In today’s fast-moving iGaming supply chain, online casinos compete for a share of a player’s attention and spending, via promotional and product strategies. Suppliers must provide a compelling player experience and solution. This will encourage players to use the operator's brand, as well as enrich the gaming content on its website.

The evolving casino engine

Casino game aggregation is a well-known and tested solution which allows operators access to content quickly and efficiently, perhaps also without technical constraints, if running a lean or medium-sized operation where IT headcount is at a premium. This saves operators and platforms a huge amount of time, which nowadays is the most precious resource in the world, and gives them the opportuntity to have speed toe market. Casino engine and aggregation can reset this experience for a business by enabling the integration endpoints to be faster and more robust on the product level.

To prove this, one must start with the tech stack, to consume the plethora of game studios’ gaming environments, RGSs, back offices and so forth, before one can take your solution to operators. You need a tech solution that quickly allows access to a wide portfolio of games and hundreds of casino and game studio providers through a single integration, which is no mean feat, given different technical standards and code bases. Moreover, all further game additions to a portfolio should be accessible to already-integrated partners, without any coding needed. This can really demonstrate the core of a casino engine and the ability of that technology to scale quickly via a single API.

Is content still king?

Content has been king for rather a long time, and it is still a commodity in a homogeneous market; however, differentiation on the product or content level is not as pronounced as it once was with today’s discerning digital player.Access to gaming content, and lots of it, shall remain to allow operators to merchandise their casino lobbies with relevant and popular games to grab the players' attention.

But the real focus is on creating better player experience: generating an emotional connection for players with the brand, combined with creating tools behind the curtain to provide player behaviour data insights and revenue optimisation opportunities.        

Player experience and data

As we have discussed, having lots of game content won’t cut it alone. Today’s digital teams within an operator's business require tools to bolster new player marketing acquisition strategies, plaver revenue optimisation and retention and reactivation programs.  

Solutions Engineers and Product Specialists must concentrate on the practical needs of today’s casino marketing teams by first looking at a data-driven approach for the collection, organisation and reporting capabilities of game-level aggregated data. This canresult in a business intelligence dashboard and on-demand reporting that provide multi-vertical analysis by game, partner and provider. This data empowers operator teams to maximise front-end content management, game publishing and game categorisation alongside revenue optimisation.

The real focus is on creating better player experience: generating an emotional connection for players with the brand, combined with creating tools behind the curtain

Reduction in time

Time is a commodity that no one can buy more of, so providing solutions on how to consume game content, and providing greater flexibility in the reporting and management suite, are both critical and repetitive tasks. We have also looked at how, as a business, we can make our solutions as time-efficient, operations-wise, as possible for operator marketing teams.

We realise it’s a constant battle to pipeline and roadmap internal IT resources, and it’s the nature of the digital era – everyone is competing for developers’ attention. Our view is that we can help by using and testing tools directly for teams that will use them on a day-to-day basis.