Affmore exec: Agility is vital for gambling industry post-COVID

By Owain Flanders

Thomas Azzopardi, head of affiliates for Affmore, believes only time will tell what the true impact of the COVID-19 pandemic will be for the industry, but remaining agile is key for survival.

Speaking with Trafficology for the October edition of the affiliate magazine, Azzopardi explained that a number of factors could be detrimental to the industry moving forward.

“We are seeing a bubble now and the question is whether it is going to burst,” commented Azzopardi.

“If there is more confinement combined with more unemployment and people start being more careless with their gambling, will they have the money to gamble in the future? We don’t know. Only time will tell.”

Despite the unpredictability imposed by the pandemic, Azzopardi argues against a ‘wait and see’ approach. Instead, he believes the key is remaining flexible to prepare for all eventualities.

He said: “We need to be agile. We have to have fast reactions. It’s not only a ‘wait and see’ because we are trained to be optimistic and prepare campaigns for when there is no more COVID.”

This need for agility is partly what has motivated Affmore to focus on new non-European markets. The gaming company is currently preparing its expansion into Canada, New Zealand and India.

Azzopardi was speaking with Trafficology for the October edition of its magazine. Click here to read when available. 


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