Poker machine cards face opposition in NSW

By Violeta Prockyte

Cashless payment cards in New South Wales, Australia, are facing opposition. According to a new law draft, the players in NSW will have to register to obtain a government-issued card, and it would serve as a cashless option to pay for games on poker machines. The service would be overseen by the Privacy Commissioner and linked to a self-exclusion list for gamblers. 

Michael Daley, a former NSW Labor leader, warned that the proposed gambling card of poker machines might devastate pubs and smaller venues. Daley agreed something had to be done about the gambling problem in NSW, but he added, “Some of these measures could really devastate pubs and clubs at a time when their survival is under threat and protecting jobs is paramount." 

However, as reported by The Sydney Morning Herald, the pubs and clubs maintain that the card solution is a costly one and comes at a bad time. Josh Landis, ClubsNSW chief executive, said the industry is willing to support the government efforts, but it has to propose affordable and effective measures, "The industry simply isn’t going to accept blindly any idea that lacks detail about cost impact." There’s also the argument that cloud-based technology, which will be used with the cards, is “fallible and hackable.” Bankstown Labor MP Tania Mihailuk stated the new proposal likely won’t stop gambling but will add more “red tape” for local clubs. 


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